FELT is a guided home and office organization program tailored to the unique needs of the modern individual. Developed to be both efficient and sustainable, FELT is tactical and holistic, combining matter-of-fact KonMari™ methodology with mindfulness and veneration of personal space. The Result: A space re-infused with order, ease, and intention. 


Reducing everyday friction to make space
for a more meaningful and intentional life.


Cassidy’s diverse professional experience from serving in the Peace Corps to running advertising strategies in NYC has given her insight on how to inspire people to make dramatic transformations. She’s also an athlete, an entrepreneur and a hands-on mom to Conrad (4) and DeForest (2), so needless to say her energy is limitless and infectious.

Cassidy Nasello does more than make a space beautiful, she inspires people to live a more fulfilling life. She approaches her work with clients holistically and uses the things we surround ourselves with as a vehicle for making greater change beyond just a tidy space.

Through the lens of the KonMari Method™, Cassidy drives her clients to gain clarity on higher goals such as relationships and life goals over material things. She leaves people with the lightness and airiness of a simplified home and new mental space to explore life on a magnified level. Cassidy’s clients are left inspired, more self-aware and ready to take on the world.


The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life
— Marie Kondo