KonMari Your Kid Snacks

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I believe kids should know how to:

1. Be bored and…
2. Be hungry.

This blog focuses on #2. 

I’ve witnessed some scary snack-stuffed pantries through my KonMari organizing. Rice Krispie treats, chips, Ritz Crackers, and fancy granola bars from Whole Foods. I feel compassion for the parents that are trying to make their kids happy, give them choices and increase independence after school. My thoughts? They are making life ultimately harder for themselves and their kids. 

Too many choices.  Too many boxes to replenish at the store.  Too many things to have any sense of order in the pantry. Too much give into sugar, even if it’s “organic sugar.” Too much moderation to expect of your kids. And, no wonder kids turn their nose up at dinner. They are getting all their “nutrients” through refined, engineered foods. BTW, studies show that your body will crave what it can more easily process and we know how addictive sugar is. These packaged snacks are like t.v. after school– an addictive crutch for complaining kids.

I get it, I have two of these little monsters. But, giving them a snack doesn’t have to be a climb to the summit of Everest. All you need is this:  a cupcake tray (no, not to make cupcakes), 2 veggies, 1 crunchy carb, 1 fruit and some nuts. Cut up the veggies (one safe one they eat already– which is carrots for my kids and one challenging one) and fruit and spread out the nuts (or hummus) throughout the cupcake tin for a colorful assortment. For the carb, I like Mary’s crackers. It has become an event they wait for and the prep is so fast and can of course be done in advance. Now there is hope that one day they won’t spit their fish out at dinner.

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