They Won’t Be Naked - Dressing Your Kid

Photo May 10, 1 22 56 PM.jpg

I’ve seen some very jammed kids closets that would frankly give anyone anxiety, let alone a developing mind. I usually see impractically fancy things with tags, sizes that are too big for current use, or too small from last year. I see multi-season clothing and Halloween clothing stuffed in the back somewhere. It is not setting anyone up for an easy morning!

Photo Apr 09, 2 03 43 PM.jpg

The only thing that should be in any kids closet (and I’m talking 2 years old to adulthood frankly), should be things that are currently wearable and of the right size. I realized the other day that I was dressing my 4 year old (for speed) and said, “wait a minute, you can do this yourself.”

Empower your kids to dress themselves by KonMari folding in their drawers (image) so they can see everything and it all fits. If it’s hanging, give them a stool. It might mean for some silly outfits, but that’s all part of being a kid...not caring what people think (yet)!