Too Much Guac This Summer?


Who can say they leaned out this Summer?
Well, don’t hate me, but I can say that.


Well, I ate all the guacamole I wanted to.

Photo Aug 03, 10 36 56 PM.jpg

I also enjoyed the accompanying margaritas and I even had my fair share of Nancy’s homemade ice cream.

How the heck did I do this? Intermittent Fasting. I could write a book on all the science I read and experts I listened to on podcasts, but instead I’ll send you to my 2 resources: Delay Don’t Deny by Gin Stephens and The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting by Jason Fung. Takeaways from doing this since March:

The scale is a crappy measure for success. Measurements are better. (I lost 9 lbs but 11% body fat)

  1. Your body can go weeks without food so going 20 hours will not even come close to killing you. In fact, it will empower you! 

  2. Mental clarity in a fasted state is through the roof. 

  3. I eat great food and what I want (within reason), but just toward the end of the day. Quality over quantity! 

  4. It is very KonMari!  No food to pack or worry about all day. Just a late PM snack (if that) and an awesome dinner.

Note: Read the science before you call it a starvation diet. Nobody is sending me to a clinic, I have lots of normal fat and muscle on my body. :-)