How long is a typical session?

Five hours.


How many sessions will I need to declutter my home?

Just as every person is different, every home is different. While some people work with FELT to get a jump start, most realize the power of professional guidance and accountability and work with FELT through all five KonMari categories.



Do you bring storage containers?

Not initially. We recommend you hold off on buying storage containers until after the tidying process is complete. Tip: Saving shoeboxes helps in the sorting process.



How quickly will I see results?

The more honest you are about what to keep and why you are keeping it, the more quickly you will see results.



What does your follow up look like?

We will recap all that we accomplished after each lesson and revisit your goals to keep you on track. Small homework assignments are assigned to empower you on your journey.



Do you carry away the clothes that I am ridding?

It is important and satisfying for you to see the impact of your donations in your local community. FELT, however, will offer to take away clothing for a fee per trip.



Do I need to read one of Marie Kondo’s books to declutter?

It is not necessary, but it will help put you in the frame of mind prior to our session.